How Many Times Can You Start Over?

Just one more time. One.

Of course, that means you can start over as many times as you wish to. But if you get that stuck in your head, it’ll be hard for you to take your opportunity seriously.

And this is what happens when you don’t take it seriously.

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Looking back at 2017

I will not sugarcoat it and straight away admit that my year was pretty rough.

But, I don’t have regrets. I learnt a lot of valuable lessons. I have suffered professionally, dealt with a lot of stress, horribly ruined my social life and become physically unfit.

That certainly does not make me look like a person who people would want productivity advice from. And, truly, I have so much to learn.

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The Minimalist Vanity

Minimalism is not a new ideology. It is a really old one which just got accepted by media.

Being an Indian, I have learnt about the simplistic way of living adopted by saints in my religious studies classes. The way people dressed in plain white cloth which wrapped around the body, the way they slept on thin mattresses on the floor, the way they were content with eating simple fruits and grains never appealed to me.

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The Conflict of Interests with Minimalism

I have often thought about giving up on minimalism because I didn’t feel like following the ‘Rulebook of Minimalism’. 

Throwing away stuff to keep the minimum very often reduced my productivity. It is very normal for wannabe minimalists to try imitating our blog role models. But the fact is that, not all of us have the career of a writer or blogger who can manage to get all of their work done on phones and computers. Not just our careers, but even our interests and hobbies can make it difficult for us to live with the mininum necessities. 

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Moving places

After spending 10 years of my life in a metropolitan city, my family had to move to a small town in a state we barely even knew about.

I prepared for the worst and was actually happy. I imagined the small towns of the United States shown in movies. Pretty houses and a close knit community. Neighbours as my classmates and, most importantly, lots of space to play. Little did I know how much my family mourned losing the city life.

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The problem with material minimalism

The easiest way to start the journey of total minimalism is to start with the material aspects of our life. It is mostly necessary to have our environment clean and without clutter. But, as a person who was introduced to minimalism due to her wish to be more organized, getting drowned in the forever repeating cycle of cleaning spaces can easily steal our valuable time and our valuable energy for creating meaningful minimalism.

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